Do You Sense the Urgency of the Times?

by Oct 10, 2019

I’ve had numerous conversations with pastors in the last few months who have expressed the sense of urgency they are feeling for the Church. 

I thought it was just me. Apparently not. 

The general consensus is that we have no time to waste. We have to make the most of every opportunity. 

There is a shift coming to the “Big C” Church, and we need to be alert and ready for God’s next move.

In trying to put my finger on what I was sensing, I was drawn back to February 21, 2018, the day Billy Graham went to be with Jesus. 

I didn’t know the man personally. I wasn’t saved under his ministry, yet I was surprised at how much I grieved his passing. 

The question that kept plaguing me was, “Who is going to pick up his mantle?” 

When I pressed into what I was feeling in prayer, I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me that I was asking the wrong question.

It wasn’t a matter of the next great evangelist; the next season of evangelism was going to come from the Church. 

If you are a church leader, I would plead with you to begin pressing into how to activate your congregation to evangelism and how to restructure your church to reach the lost in your community. 

Imagine if we all picked up this mantle. 

We could change the world! 

It’s our season. The Church needs to take up the mission of soul winning. 


No. 1 Because Jesus gave the Church the Mission in the first place.

Matthew 28:18-20 records “The Great Commission” given to the early church leaders before Jesus ascended back to Heaven. 

It’s commonly called the Great Commission because it is the co-operative mission given to every believer, not just a few select evangelists.

Paul instructed Timothy, a pastor of the church in Ephesus, to do the work of an evangelist.

He didn’t tell him to be an evangelist. He told him to do the work of one.

All of us pastors and Christians are to do the work of an evangelist, whether it is our primary gifting or not. I believe that in this season, there will be extra God-given grace on those who step out in this way.

No 2. Because the Church is the best equipped to make disciples, not just converts.

The reason the Church is the best plan to reach the entire world is that it is the best suited to make disciples rather than just converts. 

The travelling evangelists are a great supplement to the body of Christ, but their ministry style is best suited to make converts, not disciples. 

The Church is best suited to make disciples because it can 

“take the time and effort to help them grow up” (1 Corinthians 4:15, The Message Bible). 

No. 3 Because the Church is God’s Plan A, and there is no Plan B.

Ephesians 5:27 tells us that He’s coming back for a glorious Church, one without spot or wrinkle. 

Besides the sense of urgency, I have heard from many pastors and Christians who are feeling attacked mentally and emotionally. 

Many are feeling exhausted, with no sense of relief coming. 

Many are battling anxieties and depression. To me, this is yet another sign that something is happening. 

I believe the devil is sensing the times as well and is attacking our minds like never before, trying to discourage us out of our mission. 

It’s not time to shrink back. It’s time to press in like never before!

If you are feeling the pressure and are in the middle of a battle, I think that we need to heed the words of Paul to the church in Galatia in Galatians 3:3. 

He warned them not to be foolish by relying only on their own strength to advance the mission forward, but instead to rely on the Holy Spirit. 

Now is the time to press into the Holy Spirit like never before. 

Plans and methodologies are good. We need plans, we need methods, but beyond all of that, we need the Holy Spirit. Especially now. 

For more on this, listen to my conversation with Pastor Mike Tatlock of Grace Chapel in Portland, Oregon. (GoCast Episode #006) 

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