Building For The Better

by May 12, 2021

It’s no secret that seasons force us to re-evaluate. Living in the North, harsh winters aren’t a matter of “if” they’re going to happen. It’s more like “when” they’re going to happen. Time to re-evaluate the roof, the windows. It’s essentially the same thing with church.  New seasons demand a recalculation on resilience, strength and fortitude. Just because the church can’t operate at full strength, does not mean you can’t as a leader. It’s a reevaluation season. What needs to be reinforced? Reinstated? Rebuilt? Here are three surefire categories that, if given intentionality and direction, will build a concrete basis for the church to launch from when it is ready to come back.

  1. Build People.

Oscar Wilde is quoted saying “Nowadays, people know the price of everything but the value of nothing”. The general public has been inundated with what they’ve lost and the cost of it but have become more and more distant with the value they offer. Especially recently, motivation is vapid because our futures were put on hold by powers beyond our control. Motivation is the self realization that your future is in your hands. We as leaders have an opportunity and dare I say an obligation to remind our people of that. We aren’t waiting on a move of God, we are the move of God. Don’t get distracted leaders. Now is not the time to flirt with your calling. Take shrewd inventory of who God has entrusted you with. Don’t just pray for them, come alongside them at this time and remind them of the bigger piece they have to play in the future of the Church. God’s gifts are irrevocable and it’s time we all head back to school on that idea.

  1. Build Parameters.

Ever notice when life gets hectic our guardrails start moving?No? Just me? Unbalance in our lives leaves us running to our comfort foods. Say goodbye to the diet and hello to the highway of our worst self. If you’re feeling you can be sure your staff, team and volunteers are as well. It may be time to rebuild your parameters and this time, leave some grace and wiggle room for the nice things in life that keep you going. We need to teach our people how to step away from the wreckage we came from and start reconstructing fresh guardrails that will not only give us the ability to move again but leading in a healthy direction of inspiration and community. This is a great season to flood vision and purpose into our people. Not for the hope of building something bigger, but building our people better.

  1. Build The Scoreboard

If we’re building new guardrails in fresh directions, how do our people know when we are reaching our destinations? What do our win’s look like? It’s not enough to lay out the course, we must give them markers along the way so that a sense of progression and accomplishment is being attained. This last season the game shifted, the rules changed and it’s as if we as coaches left our players out on field without a changeup or the next play laid out. This of course is no one’s fault, but it is our responsibility to rectify. How do you measure at the end of the day if you’re any closer than the day before? When is the follow up meeting to discuss accomplished wins? Who’s doing what by when? People who look to be led in general need a sense of progression and direction. Let’s build a user friendly scoreboard that allows our teams to know if we’re winning or missing the mark. The clearer the objective, the more streamlined the formation, the more profitable it will be for our people in what we’ve been called to do.

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