Maintaining Kingdom Culture in Crisis

by Mar 24, 2021

When was the last time a crisis happened? Maybe your tire blew out on the highway, your basement flooded or relationships were on the rocks. A crisis has the ability to bring our true character to the surface. This goes for us individually and for the sake of this piece, corporately as the big “C” Church. 

Fact is, the Church was designed for crisis. It was birthed in a political crisis, created a cultural crisis and has continued to withstand to this day. As the church, how we see a crisis will determine our effectiveness in handling the present and future ones. Here are three ways to maintain a Kingdom perspective individually so that corporately as a church we are stronger together.

  1. Avoid the offended bandwagon

You don’t have to dig further than opening up the latest news feed to find someone that disagrees with something. If being offended were a trend, everyone in the world would be in style. This is neither right, or wrong. It’s just simply ineffective. The strength of the church never came from battling the differences amongst society but rather exposing the commonalities of the people in it. To add our opinion into a sea of divided voices would force us to move our lampstand from our mission as once you stand for one side, you ostracize the other. Take the time you would have taken to write that bitter, disgruntled post and redirect it into positive actions that heal broken circumstances. Public action will overturn more ground than petty words in the fight for our communities.

  1. Remove your reservations.

Crisis knows no fairness. It is unbiased. Some experience the worst through it and some get by without a dent. If our current climate has shown us anything, it has exposed our self-interest, need for security and territorial nature. This isn’t how God’s Kingdom operates. Growth is time under tension. Has the pandemic tensions caused you to tighten your pocketbook, limit your generosity and social spheres? Or has it caused you to see needs greater than your own, reach outside your comfort zones and help where it’s needed? If you chose the latter, you’ve grown and are growing. Crisis demands us to look beyond ourselves and when the entire Church body does this healing and restoration takes place and the Church continues to plow forward.

  1. The Best Idea Wins

This one is more for the teams. In times of crisis, there is little time and space for planning let alone opening the door to allow our ego in the room. If you happen to be the one in the meeting who cares more about your idea being heard than a solution being found then listen carefully. It’s not about you and you’re probably in the wrong room. Some of the greatest ideas that changed the course of history came from the most uncommon people. The Kingdom culture in the decision making room states that the best idea wins and the team gets the credit. It’s not about who has the most credentials, it’s about what’s going to be most effective. Collaboration has more value than personal recognition.

Jesus spoke about the Kingdom many times. In doing so, He was intentionally expanding the borders of heaven to bring the same culture to earth so that we can not just operate in a Kingdom culture, but live, see and experience the rewards of God’s prefered community for us. In times of crisis, this perspective is essential on a personal and corporate level.

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