Jason Parrish

Practical tools and tips to reach the unchurched

It’s never easy to settle in an area where you are very clearly the ‘outsider’. It’s no different for churches in this same situation.

In today’s From the Vault episode, Pastor Jason Parrish of Well Church in Salt Lake City, Utah shares how he went about planting their church and the importance of building trust within the surrounding community. As one who has spent a lot of his life moving from one place to another, he has had a lot of experience in figuring out how to settle into new surroundings.

Join Pastor Kelly Stickel and Pastor Jason Parrish for some experienced insight on how to not only get buy-in from your local community but how doing so actually expands your ministry beyond the four walls of your church.

Season 1 | Episode 034

Guest Speaker Dave Meyers

Guest Speaker – Jason Parrish

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