Brandon Barber

Brandon Barber on throwing out process, bringing in presence.

There comes a time when all of the policies, procedures and systems that we’ve nicely put in place will just not be enough. Even those of us who ‘expect the unexpected’ can eventually run out of back up plans, and then,…what then?

Pastor Brandon Barber from Elevate People in Houston, Texas talks with Pastor Kelly this week about how they have maneuvered this past year through lockdowns, limitations, fear, conflicts and a massive winter storm that shutdown not only the city but also the services it provided. He speaks to the shift from the focus on adjusting processes to leaning in to the presence of God, and how by doing so, the church was able to minister to the community in practical ways that all other ‘processes’ had failed.

We cannot avoid unplanned disruptions, but we can prepare for the future by making sure we are mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.

Season 2 | Episode 010

Guest Speaker Dave Meyers

Guest Speaker – Brandon Barber

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