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Thank you so much for checking out GoCast.

We’re on a mission to inspire and equip pastors and leaders to lead soul winning churches.

I read a stat not that long ago from Tom Rainer.

He said that the majority of Protestant churches in America right now are averaging ten or less salvations per year.

That’s less than one salvation per month.

We have to change that statistic.

Jesus called us to the Great Commission and we need to go.

Hence we’re launching GoCast a podcast that will release every Monday with interviews with pastors and leaders around the world that are doing it.

They’re breaking the statistic leading people to Jesus all the time.

I know you’re going to be inspired and hopefully equipped to impact your city your community your church with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for joining.

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7 Troubling Stats That Drove Us to Launch GoCast

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